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Plugins allow you to extend your Zengine experience by adding new screens (full-screen plugins) or functionality to existing screens (inline and record overlay plugins) within Zengine.  You can browse our public marketplace to find plugins relevant to your Zengine use case.  Learn more about plugins here.

Record Name Search Plugin

When you display a list of information on the data screen, each item is a record and each record has a record name.   For a contact list, for instance, the record name is often the first name and last name; for a list of companies, it's often the company name.  

When you install the Record Name Search plugin it displays at the top of the data grid and lets you type in some or part of the record ID.  As you type, it will search for it in real time:

For instance, if I go into the search box and type "new," it will begin to match and show all of the records containing "New" in the system.    

    Note this is different from another plugin we have called Search by Field in two ways:

1. This will only search on the record ID, whereas the Search by Field can search on any field.
2. This will begin matching as you type, whereas you have to click a search button after typing for the Search by Field plugin.

Search by Field Plugin

When displaying a list of data in the data grid display, you have various columns of data showing, and each of these typically represents a different field.   You can install the Search by Field plugin to easily search any field for a matching piece of data.

Once installed, the "Search by Field" plugin displays along the top of the data grid:

When you click on the area shown above which shows "First Name," the plugin displays a list of matching fields.   You can pick the field you want to search, then type the matching data you are looking for into the search box.   Once entered you'll click on the magnifying glass to perform the search and you'll see a list of matching results.

This is different from the Record Name Search plugin in that the Record Name Search plugin only can search the field identified as the "Record ID" field for a record (like a company name or person's last name) whereas with this plugin you can search on any field.   The primary advantage of the Record Name Search Plugin is that it automatically searches the main record ID field so you don't have to pick a field, and it brings up choices as you type.   Therefore, if you are regularly looking in the Record ID field for data, we'd suggest using the Record Name Search Plugin. If you are potentially going to search on other fields, like an email field, we'd suggest using this one.

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