Exporting Data


At any time, you have the capability to export data out of your workspace to a .CSV file that can be opened in Excel or other programs.  You can also filter different views in order to export different data sets from the Data tab.


In order to export data, navigate to your Data tab.  Where applicable, access the form in question that contains the data you would like exported. In the top right corner in the Form Tools button, you will see two options pertaining to exports: "Export All" and "Export Current View."

Export All: This will export all data for the particular form you are on, regardless of which filters or views you may have set up.  

Export Current View: If you have created a particular view and would like to export data from that view only, set your workspace to that view first before selecting this export option.

As soon as you select the preferred export method from the drop-down, you will be presented with the following message.

Retrieving Exports

As stated, you will receive a notification and download link when the file is ready.  If you stay on the current screen, the message will change to the following when the export is complete.

If you need to retrieve an export request that took a bit more time (or some time has passed), then you can always access the export from the Notifications Menu. Click the name of the export to download.

The link in the notifications will be available for 24 hours. After that time, the export will expire and you will need to initiate the export again.

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