Installing a Private Plugin

Plugins allow you to extend your Zengine experience by adding new screens (full-screen plugins) or functionality to existing screens (inline and record overlay plugins) within Zengine.

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At any time, you can use your own technical resources to write plugins custom to your organization. These will remain private.  If you don't have your own technical resources, we are happy to discuss your requirements and can find a technical partner to assist you. Simple plugin pricing starts at only a couple hundred dollars but can contribute greatly to your organization's productivity. 

You can also browse our public marketplace to find plugins relevant to your Zengine use case.


If you plan on developing your own private plugin, review the documentation here.

When you are happy with your plugin and ready to install, return to the code editor and click "Publishing Settings".

You'll be given the option to update the plugin's name and description. Then click "Save & Publish". This will exit you out of the code editor and publishing settings. 

Once a plugin is published, you can return to the plugin publishing settings at any time to add the plugin to a workspace. If you just published the plugin and Dev Tools are still on, click on "View Editor" under "Dev Tools" to return to the Publishing Settings screen. 

Under Workspace Settings, you will see all workspaces in which you are a member, or that you have already granted access to the plugin.

Granting Access

Click on the green "Add" button to grant a particular workspace access to the plugin. Once you do this you'll see it listed under the "Added to:" section.

Note: Adding a plugin to a workspace does not yet make it visible for all of the workspace members, It simply allows a workspace owner or administrator to activate or deactivate the plugin within that workspace. 

Revoking Access

There may be a time where you wish to revoke a workspace's access to your plugin. You can do this by clicking the red "Remove" button next to the workspace name. When you revoke access, the plugin is removed immediately from that workspace. If you revoke access to a workspace that you are no longer a member of, you will no longer see that workspace listed. If you want to grant access to that workspace in the future then the workspace administrator will need to re-add you to the workspace.

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