Set how often you receive notifications


You can be notified of events and changes, or Notifications in your workspace in two ways: (1) via email and (2) when you are inside of the system from the notification panel

If you would like to adjust your email notifications and their frequency, click on the drop-down menu next to your picture in the top menu bar to access User Settings.

Notification Emails Settings

Under User Settings, you will see Notification Emails.

Here, you will see stages of frequency with which you can receive emails.

  • Instantly:  Any notification that you would otherwise get inside the system will be sent to you instantly.
  • Periodically:  This will cause any notifications for you to accumulate and be sent to you about every 4 hours.
  • Daily: This will cause any notifications to accumulate and be sent to you daily.
  • Never: This will set the system so you never get notification emails.

Note that if you review the notification internally first, it will not come to you via email.

Also, note that these settings work across workspaces. In individual workspaces, you will be notified about what you choose to get notified about. However, with these settings, you configure how often you are notified across all workspaces.

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