Configuring Notifications and Subscribing to Records

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You are able to get notifications when something about a record (or row) changes within one of the forms in one of your workspaces. If you are interested in getting a notification anytime something changes related to a contact named Joe Smith, for example, you can configure the system to do that.  We call this subscribing to the record.   



The simplest way to subscribe to a record so you get notified about changes to it is to open the record in the Record Overlay Panel and click on the notification flag.

Once you do, the flag will turn green to indicate that you are subscribed. 


To unsubscribe, click on it again - and the flag will turn gray again.

There are also times you will automatically get subscribed to a record. This will occur if:

  • You create a task for that record
  • You are assigned a task for that record
  • You create an activity/comment for that record
  • You are mentioned (@yourname) in an activity for that record

In these circumstances, you will automatically be subscribed and the flag for that record will be green when you bring it up on the action panel. Should you wish to unsubscribe from that record, simply go to that record and click on the flag to unsubscribe.

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