Event Management


The Calendar tab is a perfect way to view scheduled events and tasks assigned to you and others. You can add an event or a  task by clicking on either of the green buttons denoted below. Additionally, you have options to view your data by day, week or month. Events appear blue, while tasks appear green, which helps you to differentiate between the two.  

The Calendar/Events Manager can be accessed from the navigation panel.

Adding Events

To add an event, click the green ' +Add Event' button in the top left:

This will bring up the New Event panel.

You can name the event, add comments, connect it to a particular workspace and record, set a start and end date and time (or mark it as an all day event), and upload files here.

Save in order create the event and add it to the calendar.

Viewing Events

Existing events and tasks can be viewed on the calendar.

Click on a particular event in order to view more about it.

You can also change the calendar view to be monthly, weekly, or daily.

You can click on the left and right arrow buttons to jump between months, weeks or days, depending on which view you are on. When on the month view you can alternatively select a specific month from a drop-down (located on the top-right of the calendar screen).

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