Task Management


Tasks are used within Zengine to record things that need to be completed. Individuals may enter tasks for themselves or assign them to other workspace members. For example, as a manager, you may want to assign a task to one of your employees. Tasks can be accessed by clicking on the task icon within the navigation bar:

Adding Tasks

To add a task, click the green '+Add Task' button in the top left:

This will bring up the New Task panel.

You can name the task, connect it to a particular workspace and record, set a due date, assign it to a person, set a priority level, set a status, and add comments or files here.

Save the task in order to notify the assignee and create the task.

Viewing Tasks

Existing tasks can be viewed from the main tasks panel.

Above one can see the name of the task, who it's assigned to, when it's due, and what the current status is.

Filtering Tasks

From the tasks overview screen, you have the option to further filter tasks.

You can use the search bar to find a specific task:

Second, you can filter tasks by choosing which type of tasks and priorities from the filter button.

You can also identify whether you want to see just your tasks, or all workspace tasks by toggling button the member buttons.

Finally, you can decide which columns you want to see on the screen.

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