Deleting a Record


If you would like to delete a record, you must first view that record from the Data panel.  If you would like to delete more than one record at a time, you will need the Bulk Delete plugin.

Deleting a Record

When viewing a record, look towards the top right corner of the record view to see a red trashcan icon. This is the delete function.

Clicking this icon will bring up one of two messages.

If the record is being referenced, or linked from, elsewhere, you will receive this message:

This indicates you need to first manually remove it from those records before you can delete.

If the record is not, you will receive this message:

Click the red "Continue" button to proceed with deleting the record.

When attempting to delete a record, you may be prompted to detach associated Linked Records prior to being able to accomplish this task. This different from outright deleting a record. In order to do so, you'll need to clear the selection.

Clearing the Selection

In order to detach a record:

  1. Open up the record you wish to detach.
  2. Click the Information in the linked field.
  3. Select "Clear Selection".
  4. Finally, Save the record.

Using Bulk Edit

When using Bulk Edit, you may be prompted to " Delete" all dependent Data. If you do not wish to delete linked records, you can use the method located in the "Clearing the Selection" section to simply detach the dependent data from the record you wish to delete. If you wish to totally delete the data, see "Deleting a Record".

Below is an example of the messaging you'd received when attempting to delete a record with dependent data.

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