Activity Stream


The Activity Stream is a perfect way to gain an understanding of what is going on within your Zengine account; it serves as an audit trail of any action pertaining to your workspaces and records, showing who performed that action and when.

The Activity Stream is accessible from a few different places in the app to best optimize your experience.  It is represented by the following icon:

Home Level Activity

By clicking on the activity icon while on “Home,” you will find updates from all of the different workspaces where you are a member. You can view record updates, comments and replies, tasks, and events. This will help give you a general overview of what has been going on across all of your workspaces. Additionally, you can add a comment directly to the activity stream.

Workspace Level Activity

Each Workspace has its own activity stream, which allows you to view the data specific to that workspace. The structure and layout of the workspace activity stream look the same as the Home level stream, but will only display relevant content for you.

Record Level Activity

Each Record also has its own activity stream which allows you to view data specific to that record. The record level activity stream is one of many widgets available within the Record Overlay Panel.

Filtering Activity

At both the Home and Workspace level activity streams, you can filter using the "View" dropdown located at the top right of your screen.

You can filter to view:

  • All Activity
  • Comments and Replies
  • Record Related Activities
  • Task Related Activities
  • Event Related Activities
  • File Related Activities
  • Export Jobs
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