Working with Record Drafts

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Drafts allow you to work on a record and save it before it meets all of the validation criteria required by the form. This is helpful for long forms, where you might want to save what you're working on prior to officially submitting it. 

For example, you can save a draft record without filling out a required field, but you could not save a complete record that way. 

Drafts are grayed out within the Zengine data grid, to clearly indicate to anyone with access to the form that the record is a draft. 

You can filter on whether or not a record is a draft.

You can also add a draft column and sort by that flag.

Things to Note

  • If you create a draft of a record, then the created date will be the first time you saved a draft, and not the first time that the record was saved as a complete record. 
  • Draft data will also be used in calculations, permissions, and webhooks unless those records are specifically excluded by filtering only on completed records. 
  • If you are using our Zapier triggers for created and updated records, you will also need to filter out drafts if you don't wish them to trigger a Zapier action. 
  • Once you mark a record as complete, you cannot revert it to a draft. 
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