Viewing, Editing, and Moving Records

Viewing a Record

On the Data Panel, you will see a listing of records that currently exist for that form.

In order to view an individual record in further detail, just click anywhere on that record's row.  It will bring up the record like this:

To the right of the form is a listing of related forms in the workspace. You can see here if there are records linked to the one you are currently viewing, and access those linked records as well by clicking the record's name.

Editing a Record

In order to edit a record, you can simply edit the text within a particular field while viewing it.

You must save the record in order for the change to take effect.

Moving a Record

In order to move records between folders, while on that particular record, look for the folder icon in the top-right corner.

Clicking that icon will bring up a dropdown of all folders in your workspace. Click the name of the folder to which you would like to move this record.

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