Converting Field Types

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A text field can be converted to the following field types:

  • Dropdown: When converting to a dropdown field, the system will assess all of the existing values in the text fields, and turn those into the dropdown choices. This choice is best when you have a limited number of values repeated, such as categories. 
  • Date: For best results, any existing data should be in YYYY-MM-DD format. If it's not, we will try our best to convert what you have to that format. If we fail to convert it, that field will be cleared. Note that this can also 
  • Text box: This choice is best if you want to be able to add or edit existing records with longer amounts of text than the text field currently allows (over 255 characters). 
  • Number: This option will only work if the existing text field has numeric validation turned on. All numbers will be converted to include up to 8 decimal places. Once the conversion is complete, you may update the numeric field to change the number of decimal places and to add a currency symbol. 

How To Convert

In the form builder, find the text field that you wish to convert. Click on the convert dropdown (a small blue arrow beside the field name). Read the warning message, and then confirm the conversion. 

You will need to save the form in order for the conversion to be finalized. At that point, you may see the field locked for some time while all existing records get converted.

Important note about number conversion: This option will only work if your existing text field has numeric validation turned on. If you don't currently have that, you'll need to first edit the text field and turn on numeric validation under advanced options, and click save on the form builder. At that point, the system will check that all existing records have a valid number in that field. If it doesn't meet validation, then it means that there is some existing data that has non-numeric characters such as letters, currency symbols, or commas. If this is the case, then you will be presented with an error message and instructions for updating the existing records prior to turning on numeric validation. 

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