What browsers are supported?

Zengine Admin and Portal Supported Browsers

The Zengine platform, including the administrator interface and portals, support specific browser and platform combinations. These portals include webforms, application forms, submission portals, and review portals. The table below lists out the browser and platform combinations that Zengine supports.

Browser Platform
Windows / Mac / iOS* / Android*
Mac / iOS*
Windows / Mac

*Zengine platform (admin) is not optimized for mobile devices and certain functionality may not be available.

Note: Any browser version which is not currently supported by its vendor (e.g. IE 6), and browser-platform combinations not listed above (e.g. Samsung Internet Browser - Android) will be handled on a case-by-case basis and receive best-effort support.

How to See if Your Browser is Up to Date

If you are not sure if your browser is up to date, you can always download the latest version using the links provided above. Furthermore, if you are unsure what browser version you are using, you can use whatsmybrowser.org to find out.


There are a few places you can check on your own to make sure Zengine is running properly:

1. Do you have a stable internet connection?

2. Are you using a supported browser (check the table above)?

3. Are the following true:

  • Cookies are enabled
  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Not using a popup blocker in Zengine
  • Redirects are not disabled, it may prevent external links from opening
  • Network must have WebSocket enabled
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