Workspaces Overview

A workspace is a set of information that is shared with a specific group of people. For instance, you might have a workspace that you share with one group of people that holds information about customers, another workspace that you share with a different group of people that holds information about employees, and a third that you share with yet others that contain information about your marketing activities.


Workspaces are viewed and accessed from your Home screen. 

You can have as many workspaces as you like and the owner or administrator of a workspace can share each workspace with as many different people as appropriate.  

Creating a Workspace

Click the green '+ New Workspace' button on your Home page in order to initiate the creation of a new workspace.  There are 3 ways to create a workspace - they all stem from the creation of your first  form:

  • From a template:  This method is best if you are learning how to use the system for the first time. Start from a template, then modify the forms and permissions to meet your requirements. Our current template list will appear as soon as you click New Workspace.  Select the template you are interested in in order to get started - the wizard will guide you through.

If you don't want to use a template, you have two custom options. Select Custom Workspace in order to proceed.

  • By building a form:  Use drag and drop tools to build your form (think of this like adding columns to a spreadsheet, but that can have validation rules like making a cell required for every row.)  Learn more about the form builder.
  • By importing existing data: This method is best if you are migrating from a spreadsheet or a simple database system that has mostly text-based fields.  Learn more about importing data.

For all three methods, you will have the opportunity to name your Workspace.

You will also be prompted to name your first form:

If you are a workspace owner or administrator, you can change your workspace name and logo by going to your workspace settings page by clicking on the gear in your navigation bar. Note that all other users of a workspace will not be able to access settings.

You will be brought to a page of settings specific to that workspace.

Select General Settings in order to change name and/or logo.

Sharing Workspaces

Share a workspace with others in order to allow users to view and edit data and collaborate within a workspace.

In order to do so, click the Members icon in your navigation bar.

Existing workspace members will be listed with their avatars, display names, email addresses, and roles.  You can adjust their level of access or invite new members.  To adjust an existing member's access, click the Person icon next to their name in the listing.  To remove a member's access, click the red trashcan icon.

To share your workspace, you will need to Invite Members. Do this by clicking the green '+ Invite Members' button in the top left.

Enter the email address(es) for those you would like to share with an add a personal message. Finally, select the role you would like to assign. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Click 'Send Invite' when you are ready.

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