The Home screen is customized based on the user who is logged in. It consists of a list of workspaces the user has access to, and user-level productivity tools that consolidate activity across all of the user's workspaces.

User Workspaces

Upon logging in, you arrive at your Zengine “Home.” Within "Home" you can see a list of workspaces you have access to. You will also see a green button you can use to create a new workspace.

In this example, the user has three workspaces, including Foundation Demo, seen in the screenshot.  By clicking on any of the workspaces, the user is taken to that specific workspace.  Workspaces can be sorted A-Z or by most recently accessed.

User Productivity Tools

By default, the three icons that appear next to "Home" on the top left of the screen (from left to right) are the Activity Stream, Tasks, and Calendar. 

Use these tools to maximize your productivity across all workspaces. From these tabs you can monitor activities, manage tasks, and view events accumulated across all of your workspaces. For example, if you had tasks assigned in 3 different workspaces, you would see all of your tasks here. 

In order to see activities, tasks, and events in a specific workspace, you would just need to click that workspace to access it. You will still see these tabs, but they will relate only to that workspace.

Removing Workspaces

To remove a workspace, click on the “X” in the top right corner of that workspaces.  You will be presented with the following message:

Important to note: If you are the workspace owner, doing this will permanently remove the workspace from the system and everyone will lose access. You will be warned prior to completing the workspace removal. 

If the workspace has been shared with you as a non-owner and you remove it, you are removing ONLY your access. 

Other Home Settings: Account Settings, Notifications, and Help

Account Settings

On the right side of the top panel, you will see several other Home Screen options.

Firstly, you can access your Account Settings and Log Out by clicking your picture.

By clicking 'Account Settings,' you can adjust your avatar, change your username and display name, change your password, and change your default timezone.

By clicking 'Billing,' you can adjust view your balance and view and adjust your current plan and pricing.

By clicking 'Notification Emails,' you can choose how frequently you receive notification emails to your personal email from Zengine.

Finally, you can access developer tools.


Next to your avatar, there is a bell with a red number. This red number indicates number of notifications in your workspace, based on record changes, new events, new tasks, new comments, etc.

Help & Support

Finally, you will see the Help & Support icon. This will bring you to a page to access help articles like this one, as well as chat with our support team for further assistance.

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