Extending a Workspace with Plugins


Out of the box, workspaces provide a lot of structure around data and related collaborative processes within a team. 

However, one of Zengine's biggest benefits is that any workspace can be extended to support any custom business process via plugins. Plugins can be installed via the marketplace, or a custom plugin can be created that is specific to your workspace. Please review the documentation on Plugins to learn more about plugins. Note: You will need to access the Developer Tool from your account settings to create customized plugins. 

Examples of Plugin Usage

Here are some ways our customers have extended their workspaces with custom plugins:

  • Custom screens: 
    • A university created a custom scheduler that allows them to schedule multiple staff members to one-on-one sessions with attendees at several events. 
    • A scholarship fund created custom screens to help them manage their scholarship process. This allows them to easily visualize which applications match each fund's criteria, and to ensure that money is allocated appropriately. 
  • Custom automations: 
    • A small foundation added custom automations to process incoming grant applications according to their workflow. A combination of manual buttons and automations triggered by changes to the data saves the foundation time by emailing the applicants based on status and ensuring that no applications fall through the cracks through multiple rounds of review. 
  • Custom integrations: 
    • A small business created a custom integration to pull data from their HelpScout support system into their Zengine workspace that tracks contracts. This allows anyone in the company to quickly see all previous communications with a customer prior to their annual renewal process. 
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