Removing someone's access to a workspace

Workspace owners and admins can remove a workspace member's access to a workspace. 

Deleting Workspace Members

Begin from the Members screen.

Find the workspace member you wish to remove from the workspace.  

If they are already members of the workspace, click on the " Delete Member" button, which is represented by a red trashcan. The next time the user logs in, they will no longer see the workspace listed on their Home screen. Note - Deleting a member from a workspace will not delete their account; it will only remove their access to the workspace.

Caution: Although removing members from your workspace will not result in any data getting deleted, you will no longer be able to see their member name when looking at record activity history. Any required member fields that were set to this user will also need to be re-saved in order to remain valid.

Deleting Workspace Invitations

If you wish to delete a workspace invitation, click on the "Delete Invitation" button, which is represented by a red trashcan.

If the user tries to accept the workspace invitation via their personalized email URL, they will receive an error. 

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