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Stay up to date with the latest offerings from the Zengine Team.

56 articles


Frequently asked questions about our software and general information.

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Tutorials + Quick Tips

Training Videos

Training comprised of short, focused videos that can be accessed at any time.

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Recorded deeper dive webinars on various topics and features in Zengine.

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Quick Tips

One page guides created to highlight the most useful tips.

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Zengine Platform


Create, Personalize, and Extend your Workspace

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Form building tools, field types, export data.

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View, edit, and import record.

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Your Account

Account settings and workspace ownership.

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Enhance your process with integrations.

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Submission Portal

Multi-step portal for collecting submissions.

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Review Portal

External review of submission & collect feedback.

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Application Form

Single-step external portal.

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Publish online form without a login.

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Program Manager + Assignments

Create a review process & reviewer assignments.

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General Portals

Additional portal information.

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Using Plugins

Create powerful extensions that can be added to enhance the platform.

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General Plugins

Explore plugins available to add functionality to the platform.

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