What are the current workspace limits?

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workspace is a set of information that is shared with a specific group of people. For instance, you might have a workspace that you share with one group of people that holds information about customers, another workspace that you share with a different group of people that holds information about employees, and a third that you share with yet others that contain information about your marketing activities.

Each workspace consists of elements such as members, forms, fields, and filters. The below list identifies how many of each element you are able to have in a single workspace.

Workspace Limits

We have set default limits on certain aspects of each workspace within Zengine to assure solid performance. These limits are as follows: 

  • Plugin Limit: 20 (After exceeding the limit, plugins can still be added but will not load if you attempt to open them)
  • Workspace Members:  50
  • Workspace Roles: 20
  • Forms in a workspace: Standard is 30, but can be increased to 200 upon request.
  • Fields within a form: 100
  • Data Filters/Views: 40
  • Statements for a single filter (AND - OR): 10
  • Records in one form:  500,000
  • Records that can be imported at one time: 1,000
  • Folders in one form: 20

Once your number of forms exceeds what can fit in the tabs across the data view of your workspace, you can use the dropdown and search feature to locate a form.

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