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Your feedback is critical to making Zengine better. We love your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Our KnowledgeBase includes a number of articles to get you started, and our feedback forums are a great place to post your ideas and vote up others. Please share your stories to help us build a product that best fits your needs.

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Knowledge Base

  1. Introduction to Zengine Video Series 

    1. Zengine Overview
    2. Project Management
    3. Bug Tracking
    4. Hiring and Recruiting
    5. CRM and Sales Management
  2. Getting Started Guides 

    1. Getting Started with Contact Management
    2. Getting Started with Recruiting
  3. What's New! Release Updates 

    1. Zengine Update - March 2017
    2. Zengine Update - February 2017
    3. Zengine Update - January 2017
    4. Zengine Update - December 2016
    5. Zengine Update - November 22, 2016
  4. The Basics 

    1. What can I do on the Home Screen?
    2. What's a workspace?
    3. What's the best way to create a workspace?
    4. How do I use a template to get started?
    5. How do I create a username and password?
  5. The Data Tab 

    1. Data Tab Overview
    2. How do I group, sort, show, and hide my data?
    3. How do I save, manage, or delete my data views?
    4. How do I set a default view for my form?
    5. How can I export data?
  6. Data Tab - The Action Panel 

    1. Overlay Panel Overview
    2. How do I view and edit a record?
    3. How do I view related records?
    4. How do I view and add related Activity, Tasks, Events, and Files?
    5. Subscriptions and Notifications
  7. Importing 

    1. What are the guidelines for importing files?
    2. How do I import data to create a new form?
    3. How do I import data into an existing form?
    4. Why am I getting an import error message?
    5. Can I import foreign characters?
  8. Form Builder 

    1. Forms Overview
    2. Creating a Form using the Form Builder
    3. Using Field Rules to conditionally show fields
    4. Using forms to collect data on your web site (or externally)
    5. Field Types and Properties
  9. Notifications 

    1. Notifications Overview
    2. Configure what notifications you get
    3. Set how often you get email notifications
    4. Using the Notification Panel
  10. Permissions 

    1. Permissions Overview & Roles Screen
    2. Standard Roles
    3. Custom Roles
  11. Activity Stream 

    1. Activity Stream Overview
  12. Tasks 

    1. How do I view tasks?
    2. How do I add a task?
    3. How do I search through my tasks?
    4. How do I edit my tasks on the tasks grid?
    5. Task Tab Overview
  13. Calendar 

    1. Calendar Overview
    2. Creating and Editing an Event (from the Calendar/Events tab)
    3. Creating and Editing a Task (from the Calendar/Event Tab)
    4. Changing Views (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)
    5. Event Viewer
  14. Developers 

    1. Where can I find the API documentation?
    2. How do I find my temporary Access Token?
    3. Connecting Zengine to other apps using Zapier (no coding required!)
  15. Plugins 

    1. What is a plugin?
    2. What are private plugins?
    3. How do I install a public plugin?
    4. How do I grant or revoke workspace access to a private plugin?
    5. How do I activate or deactivate a plugin for my workspace?
  16. Plugins by Zengine Labs 

    1. What is Zengine Labs?
    2. Reporting Dashboard Plugin
    3. Record Name Search Plugin
    4. Search by Field Plugin
    5. Linked Field Display Plugin
  17. Billing 

    1. Do I need to sign up for a plan?
    2. What are the billing options for organizations with multiple workspaces?
    3. How do I select a plan?
    4. How do I transfer ownership of my workspace for billing purposes?
    5. Do I need to pay in order to join a workspace?
  18. All articles 

    1. Activity Stream Overview
    2. Calendar Overview
    3. Data Tab Overview
    4. What can I do on the Home Screen?
    5. Notifications Overview
    151 articles 

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